Belangrijke informatie over ons vliegveld:


Coordinates: N 51° 10.8' E 05° 13.2' 
GPS: 51"10'51,1"N - 05"13'14,7"E

Elevation: 131'
Private, VFR, Landing Fee
Pattern Altitude: 1000 feet AGL


Runway 07: 67.0°M TDZE 131'
Runway 25: 247.0°M TDZE 131'

Runway dimensions (grass):

Feet: 2264 x 59 
Meter: 690 x 18 

Communications & charts

Balen Radio: 120.310 AFIS (Information Only)
PPR: Before visit contact on +32 14 81 25 21

Consult AIP Belgium or Jeppesen charts (PDF)


Aeroclub Keiheuvel
17e Esc. Licht Vliegwezenlaan 8
2490 BALEN

Google Maps

Phone: +32 14 81 25 21


Opening hours:

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday: on request
Wednesday to Sunday: 11:00 (10:00 during holidays) – SS + 30 min (LT)
Always: PPR

Activities: Motoraircraft, Motorgliders, Gliders (towing and winching).
Remarks: Due to glider winch-launches do not cross the field below 2000ft.

Landing fee: fixed wing: €5, rotorwing: €12.5

Touch & Go: €5 per landing. Note that without explicit permission from the operator only full stop landings are allowed. Note that touch & go's are forbidden in any case after 20h local time!

Important note for visiting pilots

Glider activity

Beware of the winch cables on the field when gliders are active. These cables are situated on the south side of the field and should at all times be avoided by visiting aircraft. Touching those cables might cause severe damage both to the airplane as to our infrastructure. The landing strip to be used is thus situated on the north side of the field (both for runway 07 and 25) and has clear runway markings. Furthermore, taxiing to the apron should take place on the north side of the field, of course after vacating the runway. For more information, we urge all pilots to check our airfield manual ("Vliegveldhandboek", see above) before visiting the airfield.

Circuit info

Both the circuit of runway 07 and 25 are left handed at 750 AGL for gliders and 1000 ft AGL for powered aircraft. Crossing overhead of the airfield at minimum 2000 ft AGL. Be attentive for windmills on the north-east side of the airfield. When runway 07 is active, please mind the residential area in the take-off path. Please turn slightly right after reaching a safe altitude to minimize noise disturbance.